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Titanfall 2 Next Update Brings New Modes, UI and More

Respawn Entertainment has released an interesting post on the official website, in which they detail the content of Titanfall 2 next update.

The first new entry is the Live Fire mode, a 6v6 Pilot-only match with no respawns in which every round lasts 1 minute and games are won on a best of five basis. Also, three new maps, called Stacks, Meadow and Columns, are coming to Titanfall 2 with a new Pilot execution animation and an update for the IU.

Thanks to it, all modes will be showed on the same screen in order to allow players to create their own mixtapes.

What do you think about Titanfall 2 next update?

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However, the choice of releasing Titanfall 2 between Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield wasn’t a happy one, as the sales for this game aren’t going extremely well. Everyone thinks that EA should have delayed the game, and so thinks the famous analyst Michael Pachter, whose words about the question are reported below.

I think that the audience for the three games is a similar pool of people. I think that people play either Call Of Duty or Battlefield, and in a normal year they’re both kind of similar, they’re both modern warfare. Battlefield went retro, which is actually smart. Call Of Duty went future, kind of dumb, but again, they at least partition where they are: they are far away from one another. So I think those two at least make sense while Titanfall 2 smack dab in the middle.

Titanfall 2 is an fps game developed by Respawn Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One and PC.