The Sims 4 Pets DLC Might Become A Reality According To New Game Code

Continuing its tradition of a huge amount of post launch DLC, Maxis seems to be getting ready to release The Sims 4 Pets DLC.

A Sims Community modder Zerbu has discovered several new lines of code in the game following a recent update which seem to suggest The Sims 4 Pets DLC might actually be happening and soon.

The new lines of code mention cats and dogs, both small and large, suggesting that the Sims might be able to actually pick these pets up. Horses are also mentioned, although as unfinished lines of code.

While this isn’t actually a confirmation from Maxis on the arrival of The Sims 4 Pets DLC, after all they just recently released the update that adds toddlers to the game, there have been hints towards pets in the past as well.

The game’s lead character artist even had mentions of Sims 4 pet-related work on their professional profile.

EA also sent out a survey in the past asking players whether they would be interested in pets as DLC as well as being able to play as those animals.

Even if the DLC does indeed become a reality, it will be some time before Maxis releases The Sims 4 Pets DLC as their slate is already full with other lined up content.

One of those long awaited DLCs scheduled for release soon is the Vampires game pack which is set to release later this month.

Meanwhile another DLC, The Sims 4 Bowling Stuff pack is also expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017.

There has been no official word from Maxis or EA regarding the release of any other content to be released in the first quarter of the year so it is possible that The Sims 4 Pets dlc pack might be slated for a Q2 2017 release.