Super Mario Run Ghosts Guide – How to Defeat and Earn Loot

Super Mario Run Ghosts Guide to help you defeat Boos that appear during World 5-3 of the game and earn coins and hidden items.

Upon getting killed, Ghosts in the game drop items which either stay in the place for a while so that you can head back in order to pick them up or vanish quickly.

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Super Mario Run Ghosts Guide

In our Super Mario Run Ghosts Guide, we detail everything you need to know about defeating Boos in the game.

How to Defeat Ghosts in Super Mario Run?

Before we dive into how you can defeat Ghosts or Boos in the game, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to be quick about this whole business of defeating Boos and collecting loot is that you need to really quick about it.

The basic idea behind defeating Super Mario Run Ghosts is to use backward blocks to your advantage and get on top of them. While this may sound easy on paper, you must keep in mind where the other Ghosts in the level are located.

Unless you are playing with large Mario, accidentally hitting Ghosts will result in your immediate death. If you, however, manage to hit them with Large Mario, you will lose your power before losing your life.

As mentioned earlier, the loot dropped by Ghosts in the game occasionally remains in one place, allowing you to backtrack and grab it before its gone for good.

This is everything we have on our Super Mario Run Ghosts Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!