Street Fighter V Data Reveals Most Popular and Successful Characters

The official Japanese Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) portal has been updated to include enlightening statistics for Street Fighter V.

The data covers the last three months and reveals the most popular characters used by players, as well as match rankings for each character on the roster.

For the month of December, Ryu was the most popular character with a pick-rate of 13.6 percent. Recently released Akuma followed closely at 13.4 percent while Ken placed third with 8.1 percent. Urien and Cammy made the final top-five with a 4.6 and 4.5 percent pick-rate respectively.

Despite several professional Street Fighter V players promoting Vega, the claw-brandishing character was one of the least popular picks of December with a 2.4 percent pick-rate. Even more surprisingly, Dhalsim registered an abysmal 1.3 percent pick-rate while FANG found himself at the bottom of the pile with just 1.2 percent on the popularity scale.

Heading into match rankings for December, M. Bison was the most successful character with an average match rating of 5.608. Urien placed second while Balrog and Dhalsim took third and fourth respectively. Interestingly, Vega and FANG managed to stay in the top-ten. While they, along with Dhalsim, were some of the least popular picks of the month, it appears that the few who play them really know how they work.

Character Popularity (December)

  • Ryu: 13.614 percent
  • Akuma: 13.464 percent
  • Ken: 8.183 percent
  • Urien: 4.631 percent
  • Cammy: 4.539 percent
  • Karin: 4.312 percent
  • Nash: 4.148 percent
  • Zangief: 4.112 percent
  • Laura: 4.111 percent
  • Guile: 4.003 percent

Match Rankings (December)

  • M. Bison: 5.608
  • Urien: 5.577
  • Balrog: 5.400
  • Dhalsim: 5.347
  • Laura: 5.303
  • Vega: 5.294
  • Birdie: 5.263
  • Guile: 5.109
  • FANG: 5.073
  • Necalli: 5.059

The same set of data takes an unexpected turn if we head into November. While the dictator was still the most successful character of the month, Vega and Dhalsim made the top-five. In terms of character popularity for November, Ryu and Ken placed high with Nash and Urien following closely by.

Do note that the data presented is officially from Capcom. Hence, it’s certainly interesting to see what the Street Fighter V community has been doing in the past three months.