Latest Overwatch PTR Update Adds Floating Health Bars

Blizzard introduced floating health bars for the benefit of spectators in the latest Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) update.

Those new to the competitive Overwatch scene have often complained about how it’s difficult to make sense of what’s happening. Even casters and analysts have agreed on multiple instances that the viewing experience needs to be enhanced.

In its current state, it’s often confusing for an observer to read a live Overwatch game. It’s never immediately obvious as to which team has the advantage and how players are faring on the battlefield.

The addition of floating health bars is definitely a step in the right direction. There’s no longer the need to look away during a chaotic fight to scan the team lineup bars at the top of the screen. The feature will make competitive Overwatch matches a pleasure to watch.

“I think this is going to help casting quite a bit in some of these bigger fights,” said Overwatch caster Erik “DoA” Lonnquist. “You call tell the narrative of the fight a little bit more. You can kind of see who is getting lower.”

Blizzard knows that an enjoyable viewing experience is essential for Overwatch in order to expand its esports boundaries. Floating health bars is just one of many updates that are in the works to increase spectator functionality. The developer has promised that more features will be rolled out in the future.

Blizzard has not stated as to when the feature will go live for everyone. Considering that it’s already up on the PTR, it shouldn’t be long before we can toggle the health bars in-game.

Additionally, the highly anticipated Overwatch APEX Season 2 is scheduled to commence tomorrow. It’s the perfect time for Blizzard to release the feature so that casters and analysts can take advantage immediately.