(Update) No, Halo 6 is Not Finished for Project Scorpio Release

Update: Phil Spencer has confirmed that there won’t be any Halo FPS this year.

Original Article: Halo 5 was mediocre, it was nothing what we expected from a Halo game and what is Halo without Master Chief? Half the time you are not even playing as the legendary soldier.

Overall, the game left me disappointed. Still, we have faith in Halo and are waiting for the announcement of the next installment.

It would take some time before we’ll see Halo 6 but just recently I came across someone speculating that Halo 6 might be finished and ready for Project Scorpio release. While that would be amazing, I respectfully disagree.

The basis of this speculation was that “Matt McCloskey just left 343 Industries to join Twitch as vice president of commerce.” According to the article, either that means something has gone terribly wrong or Halo 6 development is complete because executives don’t leave in the middle of development.

First of all, Matt was the CEO and that position, although a very important one, (for the lack of a better word) is expendable. Matt was on the business side of things, not development, and I agree that such executives don’t usually leave in the middle of development but he didn’t. He left once Halo Wars 2 was complete and ready for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

If Amy Hennig can leave in the middle of Uncharted 4, I don’t think Matt leaving would affect development for 343i.

It is no secret that Halo 6 is in development but one should not expect it to be ready for Project Scorpio. If Microsoft announces a release with Project Scorpio, we can be certain that MS is rushing.

At E3 2017 or in the months ahead of it, Microsoft may announce Halo 6 for Project Scorpio. But there is little to no chance that Halo 6 would be ready for Project Scorpio, even if it is, Matt leaving is no indication of that.

Fans should keep their expectations in check, it is going to be a rough couple of years for Microsoft in terms of software support. Microsoft needs to get Halo 6 right or risk damaging this franchise.

343i must take its time and not rush for Project Scorpio.