PvP Mode Confirmed For Nioh, Will Be Added Post Launch

Nioh is a few weeks away from launch and the game has already gone gold. While Nioh is primarily a singleplayer game but developers have announced that a PvP mode for the game will be added after the game’s launch.

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Speaking with GameReactor, director Yosuke Hayashi confirmed that a PvP mode for the game will be added for free after the game’s launch.

We plan to offer a player-versus-player mode for free in the near future following launch. There is also a season pass available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store that will add three large downloadable contents in short term after the game is released.

With the development of the game completed many gamers are expecting that Team Ninja will shift their focus towards Ninja Gaiden as the fans have been waiting for quite a while for the next entry in the Ninja Gaiden franchise.

However, the studio has no plans to develop another Ninja Gaiden at least for now. According to the devs, the franchise needs to be in the shadows for now until they decide to bring it back.

Maybe I can say that Nioh is a gateway into the next chapter for Ninja Gaiden. [Ninja Gaiden] is a very important, if not the most important franchise, for us. But at this point, I think this franchise needs to be in the shadows for a while until we bring it back. There will be a time, and when the time is right, we will bring it back.

Nioh is an action-RPG developed by Team Ninja and is scheduled to launch on February 9, 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4.