Nintendo Switch SCD May Have 8 Gigs Of RAM, 3.5 TF 1060 GPU

One thing that has recently been revealed about Nintendo’s new Switch console is that a Nintendo Switch SCD will be released along with the console, and will apparently be quite the doozy of a device. The SCD, which stands for “supplementary computing device”, would be an add-on to the Switch that would increase its computational power.

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According to the information source, a leaker that posted the specs of the Nintendo Switch SCD on NEOgaf, the device is going to have eight gigabytes of RAM, and a 3.5 teraflop 1060 GPU. These qualities will likely boost the Switch’s graphical capabilities for its various games, especially if the leaker’s information is correct.

The SCD having the above qualities may actually help to boost its performance up to those of the other two consoles that normally compete with the Nintendo Switch in the form of the Playstation 4 (and its upgraded version the Pro) and the Xbox One (along with the upgraded Xbox One Scorpio), both of which have advertised teraflops in their own specs.

Considering that some people have criticized the worse resolution of the games that have been shown off on the Nintendo Switch, the possibility of a boosted version of the Switch that has better resolution and processing power may help sales of the game or at least this particular accessory.

Apparently, Nintendo has already released around two thousand units of the Nintendo Switch SCD to a variety of developers and reviewers, mainly to show how it works and how it improves the Switch itself.

But in the meantime, until the console releases on March 3, Nintendo fans will have to wait and see how the SCD improves on the actual Nintendo Switch, ranging from how much better it makes games run to the actual games that will be releasing on the Switch, ranging from Zelda to Mario and more.