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New Nioh Story Footage Has Been Released By Koei-Tecmo

Koei-Tecmo, the developers of the Dark Souls-like RPG Nioh, has released fifteen minutes of new Nioh story footage for players to watch and be spoiled on, if you’re one of those kinds of players that instead of trying to avoid spoilers wants to learn everything you can about the game.

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Nioh is finally close to release after months of doing various alpha and beta tests, allowing the people that play them to get used to the mechanics involved, including the punishing difficulty level. While it’s since apparently become more fair due to the feedback of the alpha and beta players, the game is still fairly difficult, and so Souls fans should feel right at home.

Previously, we’ve seen a few other small clips of Nioh gameplay, such as a few cutscenes, more combat against a variety of bosses, and small bits of the story of the game. However, the new Nioh story footage only shows off gameplay, in this case showing the game’s main character William making his way through the monster- and bandit-infested caves of the formerly sacred mountain Mount Ibuki.

The sheer volume and variety of enemies that William fights in the fifteen minutes of gameplay is indicative of how adaptable and fast-thinking players of Nioh will have to be if they want to succeed in the game.

The enemies, ranging from regular human bandits to a variety of different Yokai (spirits) with different fighting styles, all pose a significant challenge to the player controlling William, so they’ll likely pose a challenge to you too.

Despite it being similarly difficult to the Dark Souls games, Nioh is different in a number of ways mainly in that its story appears to be clearly defined, rather than the Soulsborne games having infamously obtuse storylines that mainly rely on you to read the background information on weapons and character details in order to understand most of what’s happening.

Nioh will be releasing in February exclusively on the Playstation 4. To see the fifteen minutes of new Nioh story footage for yourself, look further up the article.