Metal Gear Survive: Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest news came recently when Hideo Kojima left Konami and his MGS franchise behind. He is now working with Sony on Death Stranding in his new studio, Kojima Productions.

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Meanwhile, Konami’s future as a game developer/publisher hangs in the balance. It is currently working on a game called Metal Gear: Survive. The game hasn’t generated any sort of buzz a better part of the community is not in favor of its development. Still, for those who are interested in the project, here’s everything you need to know about Metal Gear: Survive.

Everything You Need to Know

Plot and Timeline

Metal Gear Survive is set in an alternative universe and right after the events of Ground Zeroes. The remaining soldiers are sucked into a wormhole and dropped into an unknown location where zombies rule the lands. The ultimate goal is to survive and somehow find a way back. It is being said that the wandering soldiers is The Phantom Pain are the ones who returned from the wormhole and have lost their minds. Presumably, writers are trying to tie The Phantom Pain and Survive by using the wandering soldiers.

But that us just speculation at this point.


There are not many changes made to the gameplay section, in fact, we don’t know of any changes they made. Gameplay looks exactly the same, stealth is at the core of Survive, but you will have help from your team. It is a coop experience that you can play with your friends to complete different objects.


There doesn’t seem to be any familiar characters involved with Metal Gear: Survive. The cast is completely new but we may see cameos or listen to voices via tapes in the game.

Release Plans

Metal Gear: Survive is releasing sometime this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.