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Mass Effect Andromeda Crafting System is More Robust Than Previous Bioware Games

While answering questions on Twitter, game’s lead designer Ian Frazier has revealed some really interesting information regarding Mass Effect Andromeda crafting.

According to Ian, the Mass Effect Andromeda crafting system will be extremely different from the crafting system players experienced in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Ian revealed that players will be able to craft a huge variety of weapons, including melee weapons such as Krogan-style hammer and they will also be able to name those weapons as they desire.

Unlike the Omni-blade from Mass Effect 3, players will have the option to equip a melee weapon in a dedicated slot to be used during combat.

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While not a whole lot of information regarding the Mass Effect Andromeda crafting system is available yet, just this small piece of information is enough to let the fan imagination run wild.

In fact, senior design Justin Perez recently crafted an assault rifle and a sniper, each with unique names suggesting the wide array of crafting options aren’t just limited to a specific weapon type.

Ian has promised that more information on the crafting feature will be revealed soon and if these recent days have revealed one thing, it is that Bioware continues to deliver a steady stream of Mass Effect Andromeda information as the launch approaches.

Scheduled for a March 2017 release, if it doesn’t get delayed, the lack of any major marketing like other EA games such as Battlefield 1 has forced fans to take Mass Effect Andromeda information directly from the horse’s mouth which in this case are the twitter accounts of development team.

One such piece of information revealed recently was related to the romance option in the game and it seems that unlike previous titles, players will not be tied to romancing just one companion and will be able to “bang” a whole lot of them.