AMD AM4 Socket Compatibility With Existing Cooling Solutions

Updating to the AMD AM4 platform has got a question in people’s minds and that is whether existing cooling solutions will work with the new AMD AM4 socket or not? Will people need to use accessories or will they have to buy a new cooler all together? Here we try to answer that question regarding the AMD AM4 Socket.

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AMD AM4 Socket

Reports suggest that you will not need a new cooler when making the switch from AM2 to AM4. If you already own a cooler for the AM2 platform then you need not worry about making the change as your existing cooler will work fine with the AMD AM4 socket as well. According to a Thermalright representative:

For all AMD fans, we have good news. As we advance AMD has assured the new AM4 processors and motherboards are put on the usual base-fixing, which is standard for AM2. To follow all the Thermalright coolers are used on the Zen processors without additional accessories!”

AMD AM4 Socket

This is good news indeed as buying a cooler is something you do not do every day and once you have made that investment you tend to get your money’s worth. Other reports also claim that if the cooler uses the original motherboard clamp then you will be able to use the existing cooler. Noctua will be providing the upgrade kit free of charge if you fill in the form on their site and provide evidence that you purchased a cooler as well as an AM4 motherboard. You could also just pick one up from a store.

We saw a couple of AMD AM4 socket motherboards from partners at CES 2017 and there are more to come. I am sure that when Ryzen comes out we will know the details regarding the mounting and everything. If you are not sure about the  AMD AM4 socket then you can wait for more details. Stay tuned for more.