Ben Heck Converts An Xbox One S Into A Laptop, Here Is How

Ben Heck was able to strip the Xbox One S and turn it into a portable laptop with a screen and everything. Something that you can game on the go with provided that you can have it plugged in all the time. It does solve the screen problem as there is a display and you do not need an external one with this kind of a setup. You can check out the Xbox One S laptop below.

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Although you can see the whole transformation process in this Xbox One S conversion video it is not advised that you try to do it on your own if you do not have the respective skills. This is not the first time that Ben has done this as he also did this with the original Xbox One that came out previously. You can check out the transformation of the original Xbox One below.

It is interesting to see what modders and tech enthusiasts can make on their own. There is a whole community that does this kind of work and that gives people cool new ideas. You could do this on your own if you have the required skill set and know how. What do you think about this Xbox One S laptop? Let us know.