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A Bizzare Dispute Erupts Among The Underground Vanilla World Of Warcraft Scene

The two teams responsible for the successful underground vanilla/legacy World of Warcraft scene are in a dispute with one another. Nostalrius and Elysium started the underground vanilla/legacy World of Warcraft servers and now Nostalrius wants Elysium to stop using the server data it provided last year.

All of the sudden Nostalrius believes that Elysium is making the goal of official legacy World of Warcraft servers very hard to accomplish. According to Nostalrius:

The goal was to relieve pressure on Blizzard by providing a home for vanilla WoW in order to lower tensions and begin building a WoW community that includes legacy WoW players. However, when looking back to what happened, we have the feeling that the main objective was missed.

The team further added that now legacy World Of Warcraft players are presumed as pirates rather than fans and until this dispute is resolved there will not be any true progress.

We know that Nostalrius carries the hopes of the legacy community but moving from ‘fan server’ to ‘pirate server’ reputation makes it harder to convince that legacy fans have a place on the WoW community. Until this stigma is removed, it’s unlikely any true progress towards official legacy content can be achieved.

Now the team ha asked Elysium to stop using the data they provided. Nostalrius has already stopped the account transfer process. “Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms”.

Elysium has acknowledged that they have to act under such circumstances and has assured that their loyalty lies with the World Of Warcraft community. So Elysium will cut its ties with Nostalrius and will rename the servers along with wiping all the associated data.

All characters that have existed in the game world since Elysium’s launch until now will be maintained, and all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped.

The dispute seems quite odd as both teams are after one goal but both have different approaches. Also, Elysium was running the service very similar to Nostalrius.

What is your take on this whole situation? Is Nostalrius right to ask Elysium to stop using their data? Let us know in the comments.