Ultra Street Fighter II Will Be Like Street Fighter 2 HD Remix According To Producer

Among the numerous titles revealed for Nintendo Switch was Ultra Street Fighter II and now Capcom has released more details regarding the handheld port for the 1992 game.

Game producer Yoshinori Ono and a couple of other members from both Capcom and Nintendo’s team talked during the Nintendo Treehouse stream about what makes this version of the game “Ultra”.

It seems like visually, Ultra Street Fighter II will be more along the lines of Street Fighter 2 HD Remix instead of the original Street Fighter 2. They however didn’t make it clear whether the players will have the option to switch between HD Remix changes and the original version or not.

Ono also talked about some of the new characters that will be added to Ultra Street Fighter II, such as Violent Ken, which were previously seen in some other games such as Violent Ken’s appearance in SVC Chaos.

While talking about Violent Ken, Ono suggested he might be a good character for beginners to select as he is easy to learn and use while also making sure players get familiar with the core mechanics of the game and ready for other characters.

So if players are stuck on which character to start off with, we definitely suggest starting off with Violent Ken

Ono also mentioned that the final release of Ultra Street Fighter II would have enough content and variety for both veteran Street Fighter players as well as newcomers so anyone looking for a fighting game for their Nintendo Switch should feel comfortable shelling out money for this.

Not a whole lot of other information regarding Ultra Street Fighter II was revealed and as of right now, it is unknown which additional game modes will be available in the game at launch and whether new ones will be added later or not.

Ultra Street Fighter II doesn’t have a fixed launch date yet but the game will be priced at $40.