New Atari Hardware Teased? Wearable Gaming On The Go?

In an email, new Atari hardware has been teased and the email does not say much but there is a hint that users will be able to play older titles on the new hardware and looking at the image in the email it seems that the new Atari hardware could be in the form of a watch. A watch on which you will be able to play older Atari games.

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If this is indeed the case then I want to know what kind of games we are talking about here and what kind of device we will be getting. With the Nintendo Switch coming out in March this would be an awkward time to be revealing new Atari hardware out of nowhere but I have to say that this is exciting news.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what the product is going to be. Seeing how the reveal is no so far from now I am sure this is going to create some hype for the people that love old games. You can check out the email below.

Atari Hardware

Let us know what you think about this email and what you think this new Atari hardware will be.