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Dual Core Intel i3 7350K, Enough For Gaming? i5 Killer? Gaming Tests

The dual-core Intel i3 7350K is the first i3 CPU that has an unlocked multiplier from Intel and that has got budget gamers excited but looking at the price point we see that the price is in the i5 territory. So is the Intel i3 7350K an i5 killer and is it worth gaming on? The Intel i3 7350K does have hyperthreading and the general rule is that hyperthreading is better than no hyperthreading but actual physical cores are better than virtual ones.

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Here we have some performance test for the Intel i3 7350K, by the end of this article you will be able to decide whether or not the Intel i3 7350K is something for you and whether you should go with the Intel i3 7350K or buy an i5 instead.

Intel i3 7350K Benchmarks

3D Mark Fire Strike Extreme Scores

Intel i3 7350K

This benchmark shows that there is not a huge difference between the i3 and the i5. Note here that the i3 has been overclocked to 5GHz and that is something you are likely to do as you are paying more for the unlocked multiplier. Still, there can be a difference in these benchmarks and actual gaming performance so let’s check out gaming.


Intel i3 7350K

In Doom we see that both processors have similar performance, minimum FPS are a bit difference but the average FPS is the same.

Metro: Last Light

Intel i3 7350K

Metro is a very CPU intensive title and from what we have seen you never know what to expect. Here we see that the game takes advantage of the more physical cores on the i5 as compared to the i3. Still, the difference is not too significant.


Intel i3 7350KGTAV is both a CPU and GPU intensive title and here we can see the difference between the dual core and the quad core. More cores benefits in game performance here as you can clearly see from the difference in average FPS.


While the Intel i3 7350K is a great CPU and it does have an unlocked multiplier, for the price you are paying you would be better off with an i5 even though it will not be unlocked, you will still be better off with more cores as compared to the i3 7350K. Let us know if you prefer the unlocked Intel i3 7350K over the i5.