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Injustice 2 Teasers Start Coming In Hinting At More Game Details On 17th January

The game might be set for a May 2017 release but more and more Injustice 2 teasers have started popping up these past few days, hinting at something exciting to be revealed tomorrow.

The official PlayStation twitter account shared a CG clip of Supergirl hovering over a devastated city before landing among the rubble. The account mentioned the possibility of the villain for the game being revealed on PlayStation Blog on 17th January.

The Injustice 2 twitter account mentioned the same date however, the clip there shows Superman instead carrying what might be a dead Supergirl or Wonder Woman judging by the hints of tiara on her forehead.

Even the official DC twitter account joined in the Injustice 2 teasers train with a CG clip showing a fight between Wonder Woman and Supergirl, hinting at a possible rivalry between the two resulting in someone’s death which seems linked to the Superman clip shared by the Injustice 2 account.

The final teaser has the Xbox twitter page chiming in with Batman standing in front of a lot of screens, with the caption “Guardian or Vigilante? Learn more and decide on January 17”

Whether one of the major DC heroes will be the main villain in Injustice 2 like Superman was in Injustice: Gods Among Us or not remains to be seen.

Pre order information has already revealed that Darkseid will be available as a playable character for those who buy the game before launch so it is possible that he will actually be the main antagonist of Injustice 2

Whether the villain gets revealed or not, it seems highly likely that a new CG trailer, as hinted by these Injustice 2 teasers, and possibly more gameplay information will be revealed tomorrow from NetherRealm Studios.

Despite the first game being very popular, NetherRealm and creator Ed Boon have been somewhat quite when it comes to talking about the game even though it is barely 5 months away from launch. Hopefully that will change now that the holiday season is over.