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HDR And Ultrawide Support Confirmed For Mass Effect Andromeda, Companion Banter Present

Mass Effect Andromeda might be coming out in less than 3 months but the marketing and information for the game has been quite low key as compared to other EA games like Battlefield 1.

The best source of information for fans has so far been Aaryn Flynn, the general manager for Bioware as he occasionally answers fan questions on Twitter regarding all the gameplay features.

In yet another one such Twitter Q/A sessions, Aaryn confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will have 21:9 Ultrawide aspect support for PC users, something which was missing from Dragon Age Inquisition at launch.

Aaryn also confirmed once again that the game will indeed have HDR support, despite HDR displays not being very common among PC gamers. For those who do have a HDR capable display, the support will be included in the game at launch for an amazing experience.

While HDR is a somewhat new thing when it comes to gaming, even on consoles, the lack of it on PC has been almost non-existent despite the hardware being more than capable to support HDR for years now. Not only do game developers not add the HDR option in their games, HDR capable monitors for PC are also very rare and expensive.

Creative Director of Mass Effect Andromeda, Mac Walters also recently confirmed that companion/squad mates banter will make a return in the game.

One of the beloved features of Bioware games for a long time has been the random discussions between party members outside of combat or cutscenes as it not only develops the characters further but can also lead to hilarious conversations.

Thankfully, it seems Mass Effect Andromeda will not be taking this feature, or the option to “bang” a variety of squad mates, away from players.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to launch on 21st March 2017 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.