Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Unlock Upgrades

Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming Guide to help you earn more Precious Gems to level up fast and earn Kat’s upgrades.

Kat requires Precious Gems in the game in order to unlock her upgrades. While they are pretty easy to come by, you need to have plenty of them if you wish to unlock everything at your disposal.

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Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming

In our Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming Precious Gems in the game.

Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming

If you wish to farm some easy Precious Gems in the game, you need to take on Mining Expeditions by speaking to Misai at the Banga Mining Boat. After speaking with Misai, you should be able to see multiple mining sites.

Now each site in the game has different concentrations of Gravity Ores. What you basically need to do is to find one with the highest number of Gravity Ores i.e. at least 100 and get to work.

The reason for this is because a mining site with more Gravity Ores will give you a chance to farm more Precious Gems and Talismans.

Using Precious Gems

After you have farmed some Precious Gems, you need to open up your Power Up menu and find six different categories. With enough Precious Gems, you should be able to upgrade all six of them.

For your reference, here are all the categories that you can upgrade in the game:

  • Gravity Kick – Increases Gravity Kick Damage
  • Gravity Slide – Increases Gravity Slide Damage
  • Fighting Skill – Attacks that Don’t Consume Energy
  • Stasis Field – Increases Item Pickup Radius and Statis Field
  • Evasion – Increases Dodging Speed and Better Counterattacks
  • Special Attacks – Increases Duration of Special Attacks and Let You Get More

This is all we have on our Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems Farming Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments below!