Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle – How to Find

Over the past month or so we have covered Final Fantasy XV in detail. From news to extensive guides but we are not done yet. There is still plenty to talk about and find in the massive open world of Final Fantasy XV.

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How to Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle

Most weapons in Final Fantasy XV are melee so you have to get up close and personal when fighting the beasts of Final Fantasy XV. However, for those who like to keep their distance from battle and prefer long range attack, Square Enix has added a Sniper Rifle. Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle is the only one of its kind that is available in the game.

The rifle is not the best of weapons in the game but still, it is great to have a sniper rifle in your inventory. So now for the big question, where to find Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle?

The first thing you need to do is go to the Fort Vaullery Imperial Base in Chapter 6. It is not necessary to grab the rifle a soon as you enter chapter 6, you can return to this area whenever you wish, even after you completed the whole story.

Once you gain access to said area, you can find the rifle in a heart beat. You can find the weapon inside a small building to the northeast of the base.

It is best to get the rifle as soon as you have access to this area. Getting the rifle is going to make plenty of weapons a lot easier as you can target specific parts of the enemy to cause extra damage.