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AMD Ryzen Octa Core And Hexa Core Units, Supply Could Be An Issue

We know that AMD Ryzen will be coming out soon but we did not know about the variety of chips that will be coming out. We know about the 4 core 8 thread versions as the seem to offer the most competition against Intel. Robert Hallock talked about octa-core and hexa core AMD Ryzen chips that will also be coming out. He also talked about how supply could be an issue for these variants.

AMD Ryzen

Robert Hallock also confirmed that all AMD Ryzen chips will come unlocked and will have a TDP less than 95W. Although there are a few variants coming out I think that the 4 core versions will be the ones that will be pushed to the masses as more cores than 4 cores are not all that beneficial when it comes to gaming.

AMD Ryzen

We talked about how the PC market is declining. So that could be one of the reasons why AMD is not too sure about the octa-core and hexa-core CPUs. But then again more cores are beneficial for workstations and content creators and while that is a niche market the products could sell very well if the pricing is competitive as compared to Intel offerings. What do you think about AMD Ryzen chips that come with more than four cores?