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Why Does The Nintendo Switch Not Come With Bundled Games?

With the official presentation, we have been given some details regarding the Nintendo Switch and what you will find in the box but if you thought that there will be game bundles then that is not the case. The Switch launch is not going to be like the PS4 or the Xbox One S where you got bundled games but you will have to buy them separately which adds to the cost of buying the Nintendo Switch.

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It seems like the company wanted to price the Nintendo Switch at the $200 mark and not more. Even though there is no game out of the box, keeping in mind all the stuff that comes with the Switch makes the price look fine, at least that is what I think. If only the console cost that much then that would be a deal breaker.

Nintendo Switch

Why Does The Nintendo Switch Not Come With Bundled Games?

According to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime

“The first decision that we make is, where do we want to be in terms of the hardware price point that’s going to be approachable and hit the marketplace we want? And from a US price point, we wanted to be at $299. Certainly, lower is always better, but at a $349 or $399 price point, we just didn’t feel that was the right place to be. So we start there. And then it’s all about, what’s going to be included? Obviously the inclusion of the two Joy-Con, critically important; all the right cables, the dock, critically important. We also have to do this from a financial perspective as well. Once we got to that bundle, it really needed to be at $299 without a piece of software.”

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch: What Is Inside the Box?

Inside the box, you will get the following:

  • The Nintendo Switch console
  • Left and right Joy-Con controllers
  • Joy-Con wrist straps
  • The Joy-Con Grip
  • The Nintendo Switch Dock
  • An HDMI cable
  • A/C adaptor

What do you think about the upcoming hybrid console?