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Xbox One Creators Update Coming Next Week For Windows Insiders

Microsoft announced that they will not be pushing out any updates in the holiday season so that users are not stuck with any bugs. Now that the holidays are over Windows Insiders will be getting the next Xbox One update next week. The Xbox One Creators update. This update will feature some cool new feature which we are going to talk about here.

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Xbox One Creators Update

What Is New In The Xbox One Creators Update

Instantly stream To Beam On Windows 10 And Xbox One

Users will now be able to connect Beam with Xbox Live accounts and in doing so they will be able to stream gameplay for people to see. Viewers of the broadcast will be able to interact with the stream. This will be a feature coming in the Xbox One Creators update and will also be available for Windows 10 PCs. The Windows+G command will get you to the menu where you can start broadcasting and you will be able to access this feature from the guide menu on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Creators Update

Increased Performance In Gaming

We talked about the game mode coming to Windows 10 and how this will also be a feature on Project Scorpio. What this does is optimize hardware and software resources for gaming. This will also improve multitasking on Xbox One. This is a feature that we are looking forward to testing when it comes out. Insiders will be able to check out this feature in the coming days.

Reports indicated that this feature will only be for games tied with the Windows Store and that is a bummer. This would be Microsoft’s way of encouraging gamers to use the Windows Store. Let’s hope this is not the case when the feature comes out.

Xbox One Creators Update

Better Ways To Find, Stay In Touch And Share With Friends

The new Xbox One Creators Update will make it easier for people to connect with their loved ones. The activity feed is being updated. Groups and LFG are also being updated. According to the company:

We’re improving the ways you can stay in touch with friends on Xbox Live by making it easier to connect with people you care about on other social networks.

Xbox One Creators Update will bring some cool new feature and while it may not be a complete redesign of what we already have it will be a much-appreciated update. What do you think about the Xbox One Creators Update?