Miiverse and StreetPass Will Not Be Included With The Nintendo Switch

The Miiverse and StreetPass mechanics that have been with past Nintendo products in both handheld and console versions won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch when the console releases, according to a statement by Nintendo. The information comes from Nintendo of America’s Assistant Manager of Public Relations, David Young.

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Miiverse and StreetPass were two methods of social media that Nintendo did in its previous generation of consoles, where players could share their gaming achievements to the MiiVerse and meet other Nintendo gamers via the StreetPass, where their Miis would visit the other person’s 3DS, play games with each other, and introduce themselves. Now, however, those two appear to be things of the past.

While StreetPass will likely remain with Nintendo 3DS games as a way for players to interact with one another, the Nintendo Switch’s emphasis on being a family home console is likely the reason that the two applications were not included in the console. Depending on the game the Nintendo Switch can have anywhere from a 2.5 hour-long battery life to a six hour one, not something you can take with you on a really long car ride and expect to have battery left afterward.

Nintendo’s move to an actual dedicated online service might also be the reason why Miiverse and StreetPass are not being carried over to the Nintendo Switch, as there isn’t a real reason for them to come over especially when the Switch has a dedicated share button that can be used for screenshots and game clips, as detailed in the presentation last night.

With Miiverse and StreetPass no longer a factor in the Nintendo Switch’s development, players will have to get used to leaving the tablet portion of the Switch at home and rely on their 3DS for StreetPass, and get used to using the Share button that’s on the Nintendo Switch JoyCons.