UK Retailer GAME Advertising A Huge Nintendo Switch Trade-In Promotion

The UK retailer GAME, one of the largest video game retailers in the country, is advertising a huge Nintendo Switch trade-in promotion, allowing players to trade in various old consoles for ten pounds, with every game you turn in giving you 1 pound extra, just in time for the Nintendo Switch announcement.

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With the Nintendo Switch coming out, a lot of Nintendo fans or gamers in general may be tempted to trade in their Wii Us for the Switch when it comes out. GAME’s Nintendo Switch trade-in promotion will give them a good start to that, and depending on the old consoles that they have and want to trade in can cut down the price of the console.

While the Nintendo Switch is reportedly only supposed to cost around 250 dollars (at least in American currency), that’s still a significant amount of money for many people, and they’ll likely want to cut it down as much as possible before actually buying the console and whatever games it may have with it at launch.

At the same time, GAME’s rather lackluster deal (only giving players ten pounds) for a console that they turn in) might not be all that enticing to many, especially since other gaming retail chains like GameStop have had much better trade-in deals during the holidays and times like that, where you can trade in an older console and get a much larger amount of money off of the new console.

If you live in the UK and are actually thinking of taking part in the GAME Nintendo Switch trade-in promotion, hopefully you have enough games to make the trade-in worthwhile so that you can get a Nintendo Switch for cheaper than you normally would.

Otherwise, the Nintendo Switch event that will officially unveil the console happens tonight at 11 PM East-Coast time in America, but check your time zones for when you can watch it no matter where you are!