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Square Enix Announces Project Octapath Traveler, A New JRPG For Nintendo Switch

Now that Nintendo has finally revealed the pricing for their upcoming console, Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has announced a new JRPG, Project Octapath Traveler coming to the handheld device.

The Square Enix JRPG is one of the numerous new and old titles announced today which are coming to Nintendo Switch after multiple developers pledged their support to the Nintendo hybrid console following its announcement a while back.

In typical Square Enix fashion, Project Octapath Traveler combines traditional sprite-based artwork with three-dimensional backdrops to give the game a signature JRPG feel.

Judging by the trailer released for Project Octapath Traveler, the game will feature a turn-based combat system that is employed in most JRPGs unlike the action combat from western RPGs like Witcher or Dragon Age franchises.

The game also showed hints of a party based combat system against a boss. Players seem to be able to use magic attacks as evident by the fire spell well as weapons such as swords and pikes.

Judging from the narration and different characters shown moving through the world, players might be able to create their own character instead of taking control of a predefined protagonist.

Square Enix hasn’t released a lot of information regarding Project Octapath Traveler which suggests the game might be in very early stages of development. Perhaps that is also why there is not even a release window for it yet.

With E3 2017 coming in June, it is likely that the game will be featured during the event and possibly with a release date.

Although not personally a huge fan of JRPGs, I have to say the game does look pretty and might be worth keeping an eye out for.

There is a certain charm to the merging of sprites and 3D backgrounds, which when combined with some beautiful color schemes, looks amazing in the trailer of Project Octapath Traveler.