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Sims 4 Toddlers Are Now A Thing Two Years After The Game’s Release

The Sims 4 is soon going to be getting a bit of an upgrade to the life of your Sims, two years after the game released back in 2014. Finally, Sims 4 toddlers are becoming a thing. As of today, in a free update, players will be able to see their Sims grow into toddlers from babies.

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Previously in Sims 4, baby Sims would go from babies to children via the Age Up mechanic, which could either be left to go off automatically or be hit manually by the player, with no in-between stage. Now, however, with the Sims 4 toddlers update, players will have a second stage between the babies and children stages.

Toddlers have actually been part of the Sims life cycle since The Sims 2, but for some reason, the Sims 4 omitted this option, which made a number of players unhappy. With their children being toddlers, Sims players will have to teach their children how to walk, use the toilet, talk (as much as a Sim can “talk” anyway), and more.

The Sims 4 toddlers update is only the most recent addition to The Sims 4, which has also gotten various updates such as running your own restaurant, jobs, and a large number of other updates. With the game now getting what a lot of players apparently saw as a vital part of a Sim’s life cycle, more people may start to play the Sims, and there’s no telling what else the game has in store for it during its run.

As a Sim becomes a toddler, their actual personality will start to develop, and is the same personality they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. Toddlers will also get traits that will appear as they grow into children. So, if you’ve been playing the Sims 4 lately, it’ll take a bit longer for the babies of your chosen Sims to grow up now.