What Happens When You Unplug The Fan Of An Nvidia GTX 1080 Card

GPUs have become advanced as compared to what we have seen previously. If you were curious about what would happen if you played a game on the Nvidia GTX 1080 and turned the fans off but did not want to risk your own GPU then we are going to answer that question for you.

If you unplug the fans of the Nvidia GTX 1080 you will find that the temperature of the GPU will skyrocket and hit a staggering 94C.

Nvidia GTX 1080

What is interesting here is that even if the fans are not plugged in and the GPU reaches the max temperature the card will not stop to function and games will still run even at max temps. Even though it is not advised that you do so and it may harm your GPU in the long run, it is possible. Why is that so you ask?

Nvidia GTX 1080

The reason why the GPU does not shut down is because Nvidia has programmed the card to reduce its frequency when it reaches the max temperature in order to maintain equilibrium. This means that even though you will be running the game with the fans off you will not be getting the maximum performance from your Nvidia GTX 1080.

How is this helpful? If you do not have enough cooling for your system this could be useful as the GPU will not shut down. You will still be able to play games but you will not be able to get all the power that you paid for.

To take advantage of all the power that the Nvidia GTX 1080 has to offer, firstly you should have the fans plugged in if that was not obvious. Secondly, you should ensure that the case you are using has ample airflow.

Nvidia GTX 1080

It is cool to see how computer hardware has become so advanced that it can now take such precautions on its own. What do you think about this feature on the Nvidia GTX 1080?