GDC Poll Revealed Only 3% Of Developers Were Working On Games For Nintendo Switch

Ever since Nintendo official announced Nintendo Switch a few months back, the handheld hybrid console had been met with a bit of skepticism from not only consumers but also developers. One such example is GDC, the Game Developer’s Conference where a poll stirred quite a bit of worry.

More than 4500 developers were polled at the GDC and the data compiled into the 2017 State of the Industry survey report. According to the data, barely 3 percent of the developers were working on games for Nintendo Switch.

Despite the console not actually having been released, the developers polled weren’t even sure if their games would actually make it to Nintendo Switch and only around 5 percent were sure that they would release a game on Switch.

The developers were however more optimistic about the future of Switch as compared to that of WiiU as the GDC poll revealed that fifty percent developers thought it would sell more than WiiU, which has so far sold around 13 million units worldwide.

About 37 percent were unsure of the future of Switch, mainly due to the fact that it’s not exactly a fully handheld console nor is it a home console and instead presents a weaker yet mobile home console making it difficult to guess how the exact launch will be in the eyes of general public.

Nineteen percent believed the Switch could be game-changing for players; 48 percent thought it will resonate, but not in spectacular fashion. Only 11 percent of those polled felt that gamers will not receive it well.

However, judging by the immense developer support including third party titles from companies like Bethesda and Ubisoft that were announced earlier today, it seems the earlier concerns of public not receiving Switch well might be unfounded.

Did you watch Nintendo’s stream regarding Switch? Do you think the developers at GDC were right and Switch will perform better than WiiU in today’s market despite having a hefty price tag of $300? Share your thoughts below.