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GameSeek Will Honor Its £80 Cheaper Nintendo Switch Pre Orders

GameSeek is a UK retailer that takes payments upfront when taking preorders. It listed Nintendo Switch £80 cheaper than the original price before Nintendo officially confirmed the device for £279.99.

GameSeek boss Stephen Staley confirmed that nearly 1000 users pre-ordered Nintendo Switch. The major question is that will the retailer receive enough units to honor its commitment? Nintendo will priorities stock for GameStop, Amazon and other retailers.

We do expect to get enough stock from Nintendo, after all we have been working with them now for 15 years. However we are, like other retailers, waiting for our allocations, so until we know what we are getting, we are not going to put the console back on sale.

We are going to concentrate on fulfilling our existing pre-orders first

If have you paid GameSeek £198.50, you may not get the machine on March 3rd. Stanley added that it won’t be easy and a part of him wanted to cancel Nintendo Switch pre orders but they will honor it.

On a related note, Nintendo Switch is releasing for $299 and is going to be region free. You can grab games from different regions by creating an account for a certain region and downloading the content.

Nintendo Switch is going to have a healthy third party support as well as a strong first party line up. Ubisoft, EA, 505 Games, Activision and many others are working on Switch games.

The price seems a bit high but if the content is worth it, fans would be fine with paying $299.