The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Nintendo Switch Officially Confirmed

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Nintendo Switch has been officially confirmed by the hardware maker. Nintendo held a presentation earlier today and revealed many details about its upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming machine.

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A bunch of games are confirmed during and after the event and one such title is Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. According to the announcement, Bethesda’s open world RPG is coming to Switch sometime this year. What we don’t is that is the upgraded Special Edition or the standard original Skyrim.

Nintendo Switch is a handheld so we shouldn’t expect super enhanced graphics for such a demanding game. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC last year.

The community has mixed reactions over Nintendo Switch. Its price is a little high and accessories are shamelessly overpriced. Nintendo needs to understand that failure with Switch is not an option here. Just recently, an analyst mentioned that failure means Nintendo may have to move out of the hardware business.

According to Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based game consultant, that is indeed the most viable option for Nintendo if NX fails or only sees moderate success.

Another flop in launching new hardware should be a sign that Nintendo is better off providing its rich game title franchises to smartphones, Sony and Microsoft.

Poor communication is what doomed Nintendo’s Wii U. The console allowed children to play video games on a TV and then move to a gamepad if their family wanted to watch TV. It was meant to keep families in the same living room space. But Nintendo consumer base took Wii U as a minor upgrade to Wii.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is a different concept and looks ver interesting but Nintendo needs to play every card right.