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Chinese Social Network “Weibo” Just Launched A New Xbox One Social App

Weibo, China’s largest social media network, has just created a new Xbox One social app for itself, allowing its subscribers to link their accounts to their Xbox One consoles via Windows 10. Weibo is a social media space that essentially melds the functions of Facebook and Twitter together in one place.

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Normally used among younger Chinese people, Weibo may enjoy a good amount of success among Chinese people, if China allows its citizens to have Xbox consoles. China normally doesn’t allow these consoles and the games they run for fear of messages being spread against the ruling Communist party, such as when they banned Battlefield 4 over the expansion pack “China Rising”, which depicted the United States as being at war with China.

China is also known as the home of bad rip-off video games and consoles like it that are allowed to flourish under Chinese protectionism, where even in a blatant violation of copyright a Chinese court is more likely to find the case in favor of the defendant rip-off than the actual company they took it from.

Otherwise, this may be one of the first new Xbox One social app trials of its kind. While other social media sites like Twitter also have Xbox One apps, they’re normally only used for doing things like posting videos to the main Twitter site, instead of being used as a social media platform all their own. While the Weibo app may be different, it still remains to be seen.

However, this still seems like it could be a success among Chinese people, especially since China is a fairly untapped market with only a small number of people playing on Western consoles, though the PC market is apparently larger there.

Either way, if you’re Chinese and are lucky enough to own an Xbox One, you should download the new Xbox One social app for Weibo if you’re a user on it.