Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Tempest And Nomad Detailed In New Video

A new video has shown players the ins and outs of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Tempest and Nomad, the Normandy and Mako lookalikes that players will be using to traverse the Andromeda Galaxy and Helios Cluster, all narrated by the Tempest’s pilot, Kallo Jath. These include everything from rooms to paint jobs for both.

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Firstly, we have the Tempest. As the Pathfinder team’s mode of transportation around the Andromeda Galaxy and Helios Cluster, the Tempest is in essence another Normandy, though not as well-armored and armed as the corvette we’re all familiar with.

While still a stealth frigate with similar lines to the Normandy, it’s not the same ship. Included in the ship are tech and research labs (much like the Normandy from Mass Effect 2) along with a snazzy Captain’s quarters for the Ryder sibling of your choice to lounge.

Next, we have the Nomad. Housed in the cargo hold of the ship, the vehicle is the Mako equivalent of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Tempest and Nomad pair. Capable of driving with four or six wheels, and with a customizable paint job, the Nomad will be zipping players around any planet that they can land on, in addition to setting up mining drones that will extract minerals from the planets of the Helios Cluster.

This video showcasing Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Tempest and Nomad is only the latest in the series of videos that we’ll be getting before Mass Effect: Andromeda releases in March of this year, and we may be getting at least two others before the game actually releases, since the last one, detailing the game’s central hub, the Nexus, came out in December and we still have February and the beginning of March, possibly, to get new videos.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing on March 21 of this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.