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AMD Vega Might Be Released Around E3 After GTX 1080Ti Reveal At PAX East

Rumors claim that the GTX 1080Ti will be revealed at PAX East, starting March 10, 2017. As of right now there are two announcements that we are waiting for when it comes to GPUs, the GTX 1080Ti and AMD Vega GPUs. AMD released 4 GB and 8 GB Polaris cards in 2016 so the next big step would be introducing 16 GB Vega cards in 2017.  With AMD Vega, users will be getting HBM2 memory so 16 GB of VRAM should not be an issue.

Keeping in mind that the AMD Vega GPU coming out in a few months will feature HBM2 memory it is safe to say that this GPU will not be cheap and it will be competing against the GTX 1080Ti as well as the Titan XP. It will be interesting to see the pricing of the upcoming AMD Vega GPU.

AMD Vega

At the recent demo, we saw that a single AMD Vega GPU was able to run Doom and Star Wars Battlefront at 4K resolution at 60 FPS. This number was even higher if we talk about Doom alone. All this was with unoptimized drivers and limited airflow. We still got 10% better performance as compared to the GTX 1080 that is the flagship GPU in the 10 series Pascal GPUs as of right now.

With the GTX 1080Ti coming out at PAX East I think that it would be safe to assume that AMD will be releasing their first Vega GPU some time after that. Now I could be wrong but a wild speculation is that the AMD Vega GPU could be coming out in May.

AMD Vega

AMD Vega Architecture

The notable features of the AMD Vega architecture are as follows:

  • Revolutionary High-Bandwidth Buffer (HBM2)
  • New Programmable Geometry Engine
  • Next-Generation Computing Unit
  • Advanced Pixel Engine

AMD Vega

AMD Vega GPU Specs

As of right now we know that the upcoming Vega GPU will have the following specs:

  • 14nm process
  • GFX9 architecture
  • 4096 stream processors
  • 64 CU unit
  • FP16 FP32 performance
  • HBM2 memory bandwidth of 512GB / s
  • 8GB / 16GB memory
  • TDP control within 300W

First round will be Vega 10, after that we might see Vega 11 or Vega 20 and it is possible that there could be a dual Vega GPU coming out some time in the future.