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More Of Resident Evil 7 Gameplay in These New Videos!

We have already had the chance to see the Baker family in action with the past videos available on the net. But, you know, the hype grows day by the day and there’s always time to get scared with Resident Evil 7 gameplay, especially since two new videos are ready to be watched.

Spoiler warning: this video may contain important scenes from the game, so you better not watch it if you want to play the game without already knowing what’s going to happen.

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The Resident Evil series wasn’t doing good recently, and this is one of the reason that has convinced Capcom in going back to the roots. Resident Evil 7, from what we’ve seen until this moment, seems a very good game and it’s not a surprise, especially since Capcom has claimed it’s the most difficult game in the series.

According to Capcom:

We decided to focus more on the aspect of fear. We were worried that if the game is too easy and these enemy encounters are not too big of a deal, players are not going to feel that tension, not going to feel the fear. We wanted to make sure that even if you’re fighting with a single enemy, that one enemy is still capable of killing you.

How scary will this game be?

If you still haven’t tried Resident Evil 7 gameplay, just download the demo available both on consoles and PC, and try not to be scared.

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Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to release on January 24, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.