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PC Sales Declined Yet Again In 2016, 5th Year In A Row

PC sales are on the decline and this is the 5th year in a row that we are seeing this trend. In 2016 a total of 269.7 million units were sold and this is a 6.2% decrease as compared to 2015. There has been little to no innovation in the PC industry and that can be a factor to consider when talking about declining PC sales. The gaming industry has been growing but that does not mean that PC gamers have enough incentives to upgrade what they already have.

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PC sales

PC hardware sales are not what they once were. Keeping in mind that this as the year that both Pascal and Polaris GPUs came out and they took the market by storm. Everyone was running out to buy one and all this created a huge shortage in the market. All things considered, PC sales are still going south.

The biggest growth in the PC industry can bee is seen in the sales of laptops and hybrid 2-in-1 devices. This is because these devices enable portability and now these devices are capable of desktop level performance. Plus we also have smartphones that are more advanced than ever now.

People are now shifting from desktops to mobile platforms instead. As smartphones become more powerful and technologically advanced we will continue to see a decline in PC sales.

PC sales

Trends also suggest that buying a PC is no longer a want but it is a need. People that do not need all that horsepower will go for another option rather than buy a desktop PC. According to KitGuru:

Although we have seen big leaps in graphical performance over the past couple of years, the fact that mainstream processors aren’t making leaps and bounds any more could be part of the reason that upgrades are just not as viable any more. When was the last time you upgraded your PC for something other than gaming?

PC sales

The point is pretty clear. Unless you are a gamer or a content creator, there is no use buying a PC anymore. What do you think about these declining PC sales?