Nioh Screenshots Show Off Bosses, Locations, and an Array of Weapons

Koei Tecmo has shared a bunch of Nioh screenshots showcasing enemies, weapons, and more.

The screenshots which can be seen in the gallery attached below show quite a lot of things. We cannot only see different types of weapons and environments, but also enemies, NPCs, and I guess even some bosses or at least mini-bosses.

Nioh Screenshots Showcase Weapons, Bosses, and Areas

Among the weapons, there are pikes, bows, daggers, katanas, curved swords, straight swords, etc. As for enemies, there is a large owl which reminds me of gargoyles from Dark Souls games.

Nioh previously received a 4K video footage which shares a moment between the game’s protagonist William and a kunoichi named Okatsu. The video footage that can be found by heading over the link shows the kunoichi’s amazement at the sight of a ‘silver-haired samurai’ which apparently are a rare breed.

I personally love the usage of multiple languages shown in the footage and hope the studio sticks with it in the final game.

According to the game’s director, Fumihiko Yasuda, Nioh will take somewhere around 70 hours to complete. However, keeping in view the game’s expected difficulty curve, the quest for all weapons and armour sets, and XP grinding; we should get more than what Yasuda-san has estimated.

This is kind of like SoulsBorne games that do not require players to invest long hours into a game if they only wish to end the game and get a specific Achievement/Trophy. Finding all items and secrets, on the other hand, can certainly take hundreds of hours.

Nioh is slated to release on Feb. 07 in North America, on Feb. 08 in Europe, and on Feb. 09 in Japan exclusively for Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro.