Epic’s MOBA Paragon Adds Serath As New Melee Hero

Epic Games’ MOBA, Paragon, may not be as big as Dota 2, League of Legends or even Smite but the developers still seem committed to the game and have released a new melee Carry hero for the game.

Serath, the new addition to the ever-growing Roster of Paragon is now available to play for free on both PS4 and PC version of the game. Epic has also released a video going over all of Serath’s abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Considering her role in the game as a melee Carry, Epic Games suggests those who pick Serath should focus on cards that boost her Power and Critical to ensure easy dispatch of all sorts of enemies.

Despite being a melee character, Serath’s abilities are geared towards mobility so she can even go up against fast moving ranged enemies by closing in the distance through her ability Ascend.

Since the map design of Paragon also has a bit more verticality involved compared to other MOBAs, Ascend can also be used to traverse terrain and escape or chase an enemy.

If an enemy hero is badly damaged or just trying to run away from a fight Serath can chase them down and use Chastise to slow them.

Heaven’s Fury on the other hand is an Area of Effect attack that not only damages enemies in a small area but also makes Serath immune during the damage duration so it can be quite useful to avoid a deadly enemy attack.

Heresy turns Serath from a light wielder to a demon, applying burning effect to all her attacks as well as changing her looks. Whenever Serath attacks someone after casting Heresy, the enemy takes increased damage as well as damage over time through burning effect.

Release of Serath brings the hero roster of Paragon up to a total of 26 selectables while a new hero is added every 3 weeks.