Mass Effect Andromeda Development Started Right After Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Andromeda development started on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC way back in 2012. The game has been in development for 5 years at this point, according to Bioware.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is a massive game and in those 5 years, EA made sure that the development team at Bioware delivers the best possible experience. Mass Effect Andromeda development has gone smoothly as far as we know, Bioware is ready to deliver copies to retail across the globe.

Throughout the development phase, Bioware has made a number of changes and additions to Andromeda. For instance, back then there was no sign of HDR and 4K gaming on consoles. Down the line when HDR started to make some noise, Bioware held a meeting and finalized its addition to the game.

HDR is a feature that allows players to experience better color vibrancy and lighting in-game. Many current games will be patched to support this feature on PS4 Pro and PS4. Project Scorpio may also pack this feature and we are hoping to see something at E3 2017.

Mass Effect Andromeda is also coming to PC and fans can start pre-loading the title from EA Origin in Mid-March. PC users can log in to EA Origin on March 17 to download the game and start playing on March 21.

Bioware has also confirmed that there won’t be any Season Pass for Mass Effect Andromeda.  Andromeda is releasing on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are live across all platforms.

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Source: EA