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League of Legends Practice Tool Features These Commands

Riot Games has offered more insight into the upcoming League of Legends Practice Tool, three months after its announcement during the pre-season.

To be clear, the League of Legends Practice Tool isn’t a deeply tailored sandbox mode that the community has been requesting for several seasons now. However, it still packs the necessary features to allow a Summoner to get some much-needed practice time on the Rift.

Initially, the League of Legends Practice Tool will release with only the following commands. Of course there are many other that should be part of such a tool. According to Riot Games, the ones mentioned below were prioritized by the team in order to push the tool sooner. More features are likely to be added in the future based on community feedback.

Player Commands

  • Auto-refresh cooldowns
  • Auto-refresh HP
  • Auto-refresh mana (energy, rage, etc)
  • Add gold
  • Level up
  • Lock level (locks your current EXP level)
  • Teleport to target
  • Revive

Game State Commands

  • Enable/Disable turrets invulnerable
  • Disable/enable turret fire
  • Disable/enable minions
  • Fast forward game time 30sec
  • Reset game
  • Spawn enemy target dummy
  • Spawn allied target dummy
  • Remove all spawned target dummies

Jungle Commands

  • Respawn jungle
  • Spawn Dragon (can choose)

What can you do with the Practice Tool?
Firstly, players can try out new champions and learn how they work without aggravating other players in an actual game. Secondly, the Practice Tool has an endless setup to help players with their level 1 last hitting or overall farming technique. Thirdly, players can experiment with different item builds to verify damage outputs. Lastly, junglers can test their clearance potential and practice different routes. Ward placements and wall-flashes are also something that most players will try out.

Riot Games stated that it chose to release a “bare-bones version” of the League of Legends Practice Tool so that Summoners can begin honing their mechanical play “while Season 7 is still young”. A release date wasn’t mentioned by the developer, but we did get the memo that the “Practice Tool training gym will be open soon”.