League of Legends ADC Guide Lists 50 Important Tips

An extensive League of Legends ADC guide has surfaced on the web which should help Summoners trying to master the role on the Rift.

Reddit user myteamisnoanswer has comprised a list of 50 essential tips, taken from the Korean League of Legends community platform Inven. As for his credentials, the user placed Masters in Season 5 and 6, and is currently breaking through the Diamond barrier.

Considering the length of the ADC guide, only the top 10 tips in the list have been mentioned below. You can head to the original post here to read through all 50 of them.

As mentioned by the user, the ADC guide was translated directly from Korean. The translation to English isn’t perfect but is readable.

Tip #1: If the enemy bot lane has a powerful level 1 duo, always ward the bush when you enter the laning phase before you leash your junglers buffs. The enemy bot laners could be in these bushes and you could start the laning phase at a major disadvantage.

Tip #2: Understand your level 2 timing precisely. At level 1, if you’re sure you can push for level 2 first then do so. If both you and the enemy fight for level 2 and you’re slower, you could take a very bad trade. Hence, if you think you can’t get level 2 first just don’t push the lane and when they hit level 2 pull the wave to your tower.

Tip #3: Beat up the Supports that have a weak level 1. If champions like Leona and Alistar come to auto a minion you must focus them. These champions can’t do anything at level 1 so if your support helps to harass them they won’t have the health to engage at level 2. Also if your support has a weak level 1 just don’t trade and stay back.

Tip #4: When laning against Soraka don’t trade with the enemy AD, dodge her Q’s, and always focus her when trading. It’s critical to dodge her Q’s because if you get hit by them she’ll just heal back up. However, good Soraka players won’t give you these opportunities so in those cases, don’t trade and just call for ganks.

Tip #5: If the enemy has Ignite, try practicing to learn how to heal first before getting ignited. If you heal while you’re ignited, you’re at a huge disadvantage so try learning by feeling it out. For instance, if you find yourself in a “Oh, we’re in a situation where we could be dead” try to read the situation faster than the enemy support and heal FIRST. If not you’re probably dead.

Tip #6: Please don’t stay near the minions against Karma. Some people think Karmas Q is like Ezreals Q but it’s splash damage.

Tip #7: Try to be aware of Karma’s Ult Q and back off. If you think “This kid is coming towards us so he probably has his ult ready” just back off but since we’re all human we’re bound to mess up and give them Karmas Ult Q range so if I were to give a tip here, try dodging to the sides because the projectile is actually pretty thin.

Tip #8: It’s essential to understand the enemy jungler’s path. For example, if it’s Elise, watch out for tower dives. If it’s Rek’sai watch out when you’re near walls cause he can pop out of nowhere. This is from experience so it’s pretty hard to explain.

Tip #9: If the enemy has exhaust and you think you have burst, you must always calculate your damage through exhaust. It’s not once or twice I’ve seen a Jhin with his 4th shot going for the kill and ends up backfiring.

Tip #10: If the enemy starts to give you an obvious kill angle you have to assume it’s bait. Before you go for the kill, look at the map and if you don’t see your enemies just don’t go for it. If you take the bait the game could explode. (Explode meaning a slim chance of making a comeback.)