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SNK Acknowledges King of Fighters XIV Disconnect Glitch

King of Fighters XIV is plagued with an annoying glitch, courtesy of the latest patch, that disconnects the player from the game’s online network.

In an official Facebook post, SNK explained that King of Fighters XIV will consider players to have disconnected from online battles if they change display settings on the “My Profile” page. This includes settings for Icon, Title or Rank Match Fight Record.

The developer is currently investigating the glitch and hopes to release a fix as soon as possible. In the mean time, players are requested to refrain from tinkering with their profiles.

SNK further added that it also looking into other issues introduced with the latest patch. A more detailed update will be provided to the fighting game community once the investigation is over. No time window was mentioned as to when a possible fix can be expected.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience as we prepare another patch to solve these issues,” SNK concluded.

The latest patch 1.10 brought the highly anticipated graphical update to King of Fighters XIV. Compared to its original visuals, King of Fighters XIV looks like a brand new game altogether with sharper textures, improved colors, and better lighting.

In other news, new free themes have been added on the PlayStation Network. Players can now access themes for Psychic Girl, Mai Shiranui, and Mexican Fighters. To clarify, these themes were initially only available outside of North America. Adding in the latest haul, King of Fighters XIV now boasts 13 free themes on PlayStation 4. SNK is likely to keep on adding more themes in the months to come.