New Horizon: Zero Dawn Cinematic Trailer Is About Allies And Villains

Get ready for the hype with a new Horizon: Zero Dawn cinematic trailer released by Guerrilla Games! Whether you want to see more gameplay or know something about allies and villains that you’ll find in the game, this video is perfect for you.

To date, Horizon‘s trailers have offered glimpses of the game’s majestic, post-post-apocalyptic world and awe-inspiring machines. There’s a lot we’ve yet to show, but we’re starting the new year with a big new trailer that focuses on yet another threat for Aloy to face.

The video likewise affords glimpses of some of the allies who may join Aloy’s cause, from the mighty to the mysterious.

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This game is one of the most anticipated this year, but it seems pre-order in Japan aren’t going so well as Sony is offering free Horizon: Zero Dawn Limited Edition Upgrade both for digital and retail copies.

This is the content included in the Limited Edition of the game: Nora Lookout Outfit + Bow + Nora Machine Trapper Pack, Carja Storm Ranger Outfit + Bow + Carja Trader Pack, Banuk Trailblazer Outfit + Bow + Banuk Traveler Pack, Exclusive PS4 Theme, Digital Artbook “The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn”.

One of the most important element in Horizon: Zero Dawn is the story, addressed by writer John Gonzales during a recent interview with RedBull Games.

He said that the main plot of the game will be deep and human, and it will help players to connect with Aloy in an emotive way. It’s extremely important for Aloy to know where she comes from, to discover the world she lives in, and that’s why players will love to play as her, according to Gonzales.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release for PS4 and PS4 Pro on February 28, 2017 in North America, launching on March 1st in Europe and the UK.