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Hideo Kojima Explains His Association With Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

Even though we don’t really know anything about Death Stranding yet, Hideo Kojima is still talking, and in this case it’s about his relationship with the actor Norman Reedus, who is best known as Daryl Dixon in AMC’s popular TV drama The Walking Dead, based on the popular graphic novel.

Norman Reedus and Kojima have been working together for several years now, originally on the would-be new Silent Hill title Silent Hills, also in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro. However, when Konami fell out with Kojima, they cancelled Silent Hills and essentially got rid of any remnants of triple-A development, and so Norman Reedus had to wait several years.

However, now that Reedus and Kojima have teamed up again with Death Stranding, which was revealed at E3 2016, Kojima has talked about his relationship with the actor, and it appears to have been a friendship born of work, which then turned into support.

Apparently, despite having his chance at being a Silent Hill protagonist robbed from him by Konami, Reedus was very supportive of Kojima the entire time he was essentially held hostage by Konami until his contract ran out (with the company infamously saying that he was “on vacation” despite all evidence to the contrary).

When Kojima finally re-formed Kojima Productions as an independent studio, he contacted Reedus and asked him if he wanted to be in Death Stranding. Not wanting to pass up another chance to work with Hideo Kojima, Reedus immediately agreed.

While Death Stranding still has a ways to go and a good bit of development ahead of it before it’s released exclusively on the Playstation 4, the game appears to already have a star-studded cast, with not only Norman Reedus but also Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen playing a lead role in the game, though aside from two really weird trailers we know nothing about the game’s story.