Gravity Rush 2 Fly Me into the Storm Side Mission Guide

Gravity Rush 2 Fly me into the Storm side mission guide to help you complete the mission by helping Misai in Banga.

In order to complete this side mission, you basically need to join Misai as he surveys a new mining field in the game. Unlike Dream Doll, Angel Doll; Fly me into the Storm is pretty straightforward.

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Gravity Rush 2 Fly me into the Storm Guide

In our Gravity Rush 2 Fly me into the Storm Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the side mission.

Fly me into the Storm Walkthrough Guide

After reaching the islands, you need to pick Misai up using your Statis Shield and land on the designated island using your Gravity Float. It is important that you land Misai on a secure place as you will immediately get attacked by Scarabs.

These enemies are not too difficult to deal with so take them out quickly and speak with Misai to continue the mission. At this point, you will be asked to collect 30 Precious Gems in total. This is something you can easily do by breaking different Ore deposits scattered around the area.

This entire process – dealing with Scarabs and finding Precious Gems – is something you need to do for a couple of time on different islands. However, you will eventually be asked to protect Misai from Scarabs. Once done, you should be able to complete the side mission by heading over to Banga.

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