GODSENT Drops out of WESG CS:GO World Finals at the Last Minute

Swedish esports organization GODSENT will not be competing at the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) CS:GO World Finals in Changzhou, China.

While it’s not unusual for a team to drop out of a tournament, GODSENT announced its withdrawal less than a day before the event was scheduled to commence.

To make matters worse, no reasons were cited by the Swedish CS:GO team to the tournament organizer for its decision to not participate in the $1.5 million prize pot-boasting finals. At the very least, GODSENT stated that it was a collective decision from the team.

Due to the nature of timing, WESG was forced to go underway without a replacement team. Group C now features just five teams instead of six: Space Soldiers, Signature, Team Kinguin, FIVE Esports Club, and Bravado Gaming.

Responding to a thread on Reddit yesterday, Jesper “JW” Wecksell stated that an official response from GODSENT will arrive soon.¬†At the same time, he attempted to explain why the team “had to put the mental state and well being of all the players in focus.” He apologized to the WESG management and fans, and promised to “show a strong, motivated and happy face” at the ELEAGUE Major 2017.

The sudden announcement from GODSENT certainly took everyone by surprise. The CS:GO community in particular did not take the news lightly. Duncan “Thorin” Shields, esports journalist and analyst, called the move “massively unprofessional”. He refused to accept the team’s decision to skip WESG in favor of the ELEAGUE Major by labeling it as “unacceptable behavior”.

Furthermore, Thorin reiterated a notion from the CS:GO community that it’s time to place the players on the same pedestal as organizers. We always talk about how players’ rights need to be protected, which is good. However, they too need to be called out for their inadequate behavior.