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For Honor Season Pass Contents Leaked, Will Offer Early Access To Content

With For Honor getting closer and closer to release (February 14, so you and your significant other can bash people’s brains in together and then kiss while covered in the blood of your enemies), it’s not really a surprise at this point that the For Honor season pass has just been leaked, showing all the content it will allow buyers to have.

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Season Passes are normally a cheap way to for players to get the DLCs and other content that will be coming with a game, mainly by either greatly decreasing or completely taking on the price of DLCs and other content. The For Honor season pass is no different, and has a large number of different cosmetic and character improvements, along with early access to new content.

While the page doesn’t elaborate on that new content, it does give us plenty of other stuff to look forward to. For instance, buyers of the season pass will be getting early access to six new warriors in the game, a week before anyone else does. Three special helmet crests will also be given to them, along with emblems, a week-long period of Champion status, and even a special smoke effect that will trigger on executions.

for honor season pass

On the Day 1 War Pack that comes with the season pass, players will also be getting a special “sunbeam” emote, with three loot crates, another special emblem, and 30 days of Champion status.

The For Honor season pack appears to be similar to the Rainbow Six Siege season pass, which only allowed its subscribers to get the content promised in it earlier, rather than locking non-owners out of it entirely like some season passes do in games.

For Honor’s Gold and Deluxe Editions both offer timed exclusive access to a number of different things, but the Season Pass is required to get everything that isn’t included in the Deluxe Pack.