Square Enix Is Working On A Final Fantasy 15 Expansion Pack, No Name Yet

Back in late November, Square Enix released the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 15. Now the studio says that they’re currently working on a Final Fantasy 15 expansion pack to go with the game, but there isn’t any real name for it yet, or what exactly it involves.

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The news comes from the Japanese magazine Famitsu, specifically an interview with Hajime Tabata, the project lead for the game. In the interview, Tabata claims that his goal for 2017 is expanding Final Fantasy 15, through the aforementioned expansion.

However, he didn’t specify any real information about it. He did say, however, that news on the Final Fantasy 15 expansion will be revealed at the next Active Time Report stream, so we won’t have long to wait.

Final Fantasy 15 has managed to sell 6 million copies since its release, with over a million being sold during the holiday season. Though according to Square Enix the game still has 4 million copies to go in order to be considered a success (and we don’t even know how many copies the game sold digitally), considering the good reviews that the game has gotten that doesn’t appear to be too much of an obstacle for the game.

While there’s no real telling of what the new Final Fantasy 15 expansion pack will be about, there’s likely a huge number of different things it could be, ranging from different dungeons you can go to, to other areas of the world, to new enemies and side-missions, not to mention new clothes, new weapons, and more.

However, since Tabata seems to be tight-lipped on whatever the expansion will involve, we’ll just have to wait until the Active Time Report stream/event to see what exactly he means, and how it will expand Final Fantasy 15, especially since its direct predecessor Final Fantasy 14 is also getting an expansion sometime this year, entitled Stormblood.