Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Exploiters Mildly Punished By Activision

Exploitations and cheating is nothing new in multiplayer games and that is why developers use anti-cheat systems to keep their games clean from such players. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare has a range of skins and weapons that can be acquired through supply drops.

Players can either grind through the multiplayer mode to acquire these items or players can buy a supply drops for 30 keys which can be acquired through a roughly 2 hours of play. Supply drops can also be purchased through micro-transactions.

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However, during the Holiday season exploiters found a way to earn tens of thousands of keys through a glitch in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. During an in-game event, Infinity Ward was giving away free Supply Drops containing various goodies.

One of the supply drops contained 30 keys and players found a glitch through which the supply drop could be opened repeatedly and gain 30 keys each time they opened the supply drop. A widespread use of this glitch caused Activision to shut down servers temporarily.

Now Infinity Ward has issued a 48 hours ban on anyone who has used this exploit and their keys and salvage has been reset to zero. But players can still keep their unlocked items.

However, the community is not too happy about this punishment and considers this a small punishment as the exploiters will keep the unlocked items that they could not have earned in 48 hours.

Do you think that 48-hour ban is too small punishment for the exploiters? Let us know in the comments.